Welcome to a small collection of published poetry and more, from China. Dreaming of China Out of the Mist dreaming butterflies rain on lotus pool Lotus Shanghai and Kunming Dreams of Old Shanghai Smelly Doufu ... South China Sea Living Ocean when new monsoon winds south china sea hears links China in Photos Colin
OUT OF THE MIST I dreamt that I might find my way on a mountain path from long ago. High on the slopes of Mount Wudang, where endless clouds, flow soft below to carry me back to the time of the Tang. I dreamt I heard the masters pray on a mountain top with Kublai Khan. When out of the mist came old Xuanwu, to guard the land in the days of the Yuan with all the things the ancients knew. I dreamt my path led far away to a place I knew so long ago. Where heaven measures Yin and Yang and endless dreams, flow soft below to carry me back to the time of the Tang. Published, Blinking Cursor, Issue Three, 2010. LINKS http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wudang_Mountains http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Xuan_Wu_%28god%29 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tang_dynasty
dreaming butterflies in ancient red mansions where leaves now flutter by Published,  Issue 20, Haiku Journal, 2013. LINK http://www.chinaculture.org/gb/en_artqa/2003- 09/24/content_41669.htm
rain on lotus pool blooms of perfect beauty spring from muddy water Published, in Nine Little Poems in Mouse Tales, 2012. First appeared, cherry-picked, ABCtales, 2004.
LOTUS Lotus flower your perfect beauty springs from muddy water that soon must take you back. Published, with Honorable Mention, in a series of unrhymed quatrains in the Competition:  As Flowers Bloom, Sol Magazine, Spring Edition, 2006.
DREAMS OF OLD SHANGHAI Shanghai girl, Wang Xiudi today you dream of days long gone. Such times as sailing down the Yangtze to a cold place, so far away from home, strange world across a lonely sea. Then China rising like a dream brings new times and many changes. Now home, and held in high esteem you even know three languages, but what's the one in which you dream? Published, First Place, Dreams in our Hearts, Double Five, Competition, and Editor's Choice, Sol Magazine, Summer 2006.
SMELLY DOUFU IS COOKING IN YUNNAN'S CITY OF ETERNAL SPRING Haigeng Park comes alive. Kites reach far into Kunming sky. Children are shouting at play. Winter clothes stay at home. Boats go far out on Dianchi Lake. A fish splashes on the line. Smelly doufu is cooking. The world warms, south of the clouds. Published, First Place, Sights and Sounds of Spring Competition, for an unrhymed quatrain in the style of Guin Xiu, and selected as the Editor's Choice in Sol Magazine, Spring 2006. Kunming is known as the city of eternal spring on account of its kind climate. It is the provincial capital of Yunnan which is a fascinating province in the southwest of China. The characters   (yun) and   (nan) can be read as south of the clouds, or alternatively as below the clouds. Yun is cloud. Nan is south or below. Smelly doufu is a great favourite with outdoor vendors and their customers, especially in the Spring of the year. This is a solid version of bean-curd that would usually be expressed as tofu in the English world. In China this is expressed as  (chou)  (dou)  (fu). In China it would be appropriate to use the Chinese Pinyin, which is doufu  not tofu. The poem should really be presented as four long lines, each with two phrases. However, it is shown above as eight lines in order to fit into the width of the page.
LIVING OCEAN Living in a world of water. Yin and yang can live as one. In every living drop of water. Creatures born of life's illusion. Yin and yang can live as one. Together in the living ocean. Creatures born of life's illusion. Life's perpetual animation. Together in the living ocean. In every living drop of water. Life's perpetual animation. Living in a world of water. Published, Booklet No 2, Secret Attic Competition, 2006.
when new monsoon winds awaken south china sea mangroves need deep roots Published, Issue 26, Three Line Poetry, 2014.
south china sea hears songs of everlasting peace between hurricanes Published,  Issue 17, Haiku Journal, 2013.